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Relocating to Northeast Ohio? Grab this information-packed guide to the area now!

Grab this encyclopedic Relocation Guide Northeast Ohio, if you're thinking of moving to the area or have moved here recently -- and even if you've lived here a good long while!

Relocation guide to Northeast Ohio

Cleveland, Akron, Canton and the surrounding communities, this guide pairs stunning photography with thorough overviews of our area's many resources. There are snapshots of the area's economic landscape; an overview of public and private schools and universities; descriptions of our plentiful and varied parks and recreational area; and an account of our outstanding medical community and facilities.

The coverage of the Northeast Ohio's art and entertaining scene opens with a photo taken at twilight from the lawn seating at Blossom, the summer home of the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra (shuttered this summer of 2020, alas), which attracts music fans from all walks of life. If you're a local, you may appreciate, as you flip through the gude, the visual reminders that Northeast Ohio's vibrant visual and performing arts scene, its fine dining and nightlife, its sports venues and museums, and live entertainment scene are only hibernating for now, and sure to return.

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