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Shaker Hts. suspends POS inspections during public health emergency

From the City of Shaker Heights today: There will be no new POS inspections:while the State of Ohio's current public health orders are in place:

"We are reaching out today to update you on changes to the City's Point of Sale program, which are being made in response to the coronavirus crisis. The goal of these changes is to allow you to continue selling in Shaker Heights, while also protecting you, City staff, our residents and prospective residents with social distancing protocols recommended by health experts, including Ohio Medical Director Dr. Amy Acton. Specifically:
All new POS inspections have been temporarily suspended. Sellers must still submit a POS application; it will be approved and an Emergency and Limited Certificate of Compliance will be issued within two business days.
Properties already undergoing the POS process will be reinspected with the City’s new Remote Video Inspections (RVI) process.
Plan review, permit issuance and permit inspections are ongoing. Most permit inspections will be conducted by the City’s new Remote Video Inspections (RVI) process..

Read the entire notice sent to realtors here.

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